Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny thing about perspectives

So with all the (in my opinion) nonsense going on about the impending rapture this weekend, I had an odd thought.
First I thought how sad it would be if it happened, and parents or children were raptured away from each other. Then I imagined a parent saying "I'm sorry, God, but you don't need my help in heaven, and they need my help here on Earth, so I need to stay," and then I realized I was missing something.
If I truly believed in Heaven, and in the Rapture, then I would also believe that this life is, in fact, not the point, and that the afterlife was the point, and that therefore nothing and no one in this before-world would matter the way getting into heaven would, because that was the goal, the destination, the purpose of this.
That idea scared me, a lot.
I believe in the reincarnation and evolution of the soul. I do not believe that this life is all there is to existence, but I strongly believe we need to live as though it were.
So yes, those of you who believe these are the end times, I admit it, I don't truly understand it, because while I can piece together the elements of the belief, I can't really put myself in your shoes.
So if we're all still here on Sunday, maybe some raptureists can try to piece together my worldview- that we are all the purpose, all the destination, each of us the goal.

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Mamma Pie said...

I heart you. You nail a lot of things for me in this <3
I'm a lot more spiritual than I'll ever be religious, and I think the "rules" we need to follow in life are written in our deepest heart corners, not a book.